Tuesday 24 January 2017

Winner Announcement - Maharashtra Kaleidoscope Photography Contest 2016-17


The ‘MAHARASHTRA KALEIDOSCOPE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST’ is an annual photography contest dedicated to photographs taken in our beautiful and vibrant state of Maharashtra! The contest is organized by Foglight Frames & The Western Routes. This year we were joined by Primes & Zooms and the Photography Club of MITSOB as partners. 

We announced the contest in October and officially closed the entries on  25 December 2016. We received a tremendous response of an average of 250-300 photographs in each category. The categories were - Nature & Wildlife, Landscapes, Built Heritage and People & Culture. 

We appointed a jury to judge the best photographs in each category.

- Bhavpreet Ghai, HOD Photography - FX School, Mumbai (People & Culture)
- Rahul Sachdev, Wildlife Photographer (Nature & Wildlife)
- Amit Shindore, a leading photographer from Pune (Landscapes)
- Peeyush Sekhsaria, an architect and photographer (Built Heritage) 

(More about the judges and their work at the end of the post!)

We proudly present our winners for 2016-17







Bhavpreet Ghai has spent more than 12 years in the front-line trenches with her camera, working on several successful projects across fashion, portraits and documentaries, all around the world from Mumbai to Melbourne. It was the artisan lanes and bohemian walls of Melbourne that reinvigorated Bhavpreet’s insatiable passion for photography, and she ultimately found a firm sense of belonging in a full-time career as a photographer. As a commercial photographer, Bhavpreet splits her time between travelling far and wide on photography expeditions, and working in Mumbai where she also happens to be Department Head of Photography at FX School. Her work can be viewed at www.bhavpreetghai.com | www.facebook.com/BhavpreetGhai


Having grown up on Jim Corbett stories, Rahul Sachdev was quick to find his calling in the wild. Despite enjoying a successful career in the software industry, he nurtured a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and photography, a journey that took him far and wide across the country and overseas, during which Rahul earned intimate knowledge of the jungle, its inhabitants, the people around it and the art of portraying them. Harbouring special love for birds and mammals, Rahul has built an illustrious profile that dazzles with aesthetic brilliance and emotional appeal, and is punctuated with moments from the wild that have been widely published on the web and in various magazines. His work can be viewed at 


Amit Shindore is a Fine Art Photo Journalist & Film Maker. He enjoys covering the planned, unplanned and the spontaneous 'once-in-a-lifetime' moments. He believes that it is impossible to be passionate about photography and film-making without knowing the method, art and science completely. Photographers and cinematographers who record great moments work extremely hard to be there, at the right time and place with the right equipment. Amit spent 3 years learning how to make images and the discipline needed to make incredible images. Now, Amit is one of the most sought after wedding and event photographers in the country. His work can be viewed at 


Peeyush Sekhsaria is an architect and geographer by training. An occasional photographer, his assignments include photographing the barefoot women architects of Niger, woodless construction in Burkina Faso and traditional fishing communities along the Indian coast. His has exhibited at the NCPA Mumbai, in France, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil. The book, ‘The Kailas at Ellora - A new view of a misunderstood masterwork’, which he photographed for was recently published. His work can be seen on www.peeyushsekhsaria.com



Foglight Frames is founded by Dhananjay Kulkarni. Dhananjay has been into film production since 2006, having done his course in film-making from Sydney, Australia. He has worked with Excel Entertainment, Mumbai on a range of films from Rock On to Don 2. He has his own studio, Foglight Frames, and is into photography, films and training. 

We do candid weddings, pre-wedding & couple photo shoots, lifestyle photography, kids and babies, and event photography. Apart from photo shoots, we also conduct regular photography workshops. 

More details on www.foglightframes.com


The Western Routes is a Pune based responsible travel company dedicated to providing travelers with unique tour experiences in beautiful and unexplored corners of Maharashtra. The state has a brilliant mix of high mountains, the refreshing sea and the lush green covers; interspersed with rich heritage, an ancient and lively culture, varied cuisine, royal history, and warm people! We plan long and short travel itineraries within Maharashtra. 

Every season we have scheduled various day or weekend trips which are open for all. Every month we also have free or self funded trips or excursions which are typically half day. Our other trips include customized educational and study trips, corporate and group tours, culture, heritage and food walks in Pune and travel events! 

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