Monday, 16 February 2015



Look what we found as we waited to be ferried across the Savitri River! While looking for mud-skippers at the Bankot creek this octopus made a surprise appearance! We went crazy photographing this beautiful creature! 

Commonly known as 'Monsters of the Sea' these molluscs are abundantly found in tropical warm waters. These active predators are considered among the most intelligent invertebrates. They feed on crabs, shrimps and lobsters and can even attack sharks. They drop on their prey and with the help of the suckers on their arms pull the organism into their mouth. Their saliva is venomous and helps to subdue the prey. The Octopus is known for its defence mechanism. When threatened it releases an inky fluid from the ink sac which darkens the water and helps it escape. At times the octopus can lose its arm to escape the predator and re-grow it later without any permanent damage!

Photo: Vikram Vyawahare

Photo: Vikram Vyawahare

Photo: Aniket Sayam
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Friday, 6 February 2015

Fish Auction @ Harnai


A photo-feature by Vinit Godbole

Harnai or more commonly Harne is a coastal village in the Ratnagiri district of Konkan. It is around 15 km from Dapoli and neighbors beautiful beaches of Murud, Karde and Anjarle. Being one of the natural harbors, Harnai is an ideal wharf for fish trading. The fish auction at Harnai village is one of the most sought after events in the area and is a daily custom held in the morning from 7 am to 9 am and in the evening from 4 pm to 7 pm. The market is known to sell different varieties of fish like Pomfret, Surmai, Tiger Prawns, Squids, Lobsters, Sting rays, Mackerel, and many more. The auction lures many travelers and photographers. Tourists can indulge in the fish fest of betting and auctioning. Apart from fish, Harnai is also known for the magnificent Harnai Fort located on the northern front of the village.

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